Wednesday, November 23, 2011


hey loves!

so yesterday i went to sephora and bought a few things so i wanted to do a small haul!
Here is what i got!

so the nail polishes: "i love matte khaki" is a matte colour but i honestly thought that it was just the name because it seems really shimmery and glossy so i will have to wear top coats because i don t like matte nail polishes, and the other one beige topez which is like a peachy beige glitter colour absolutely amazing!

little bottle is a body milk! well, to be honest my body doesn t need to be moisturized often and i usually buy them for their smell. this one is absolutely AMAZING! it is called vanilla ice and it is by the brand priorities
which here in greece sephora is the only place you can find them! i have bought this many times and this is my favourite smell of all times!!! i got it in a small bottle, only 80ml because its is easy to take with you anywhere but it comes in a bottle of 500ml i think! sometimes in the summer i only wear this without perfume and everyone ask about it, the smell is more lasting than many perfumes i have tried in the past and it does moisturize! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

the other two are eyeliners! The brown one is priorities as well, it is called space eye pencil in shade No 103 and is a deep brown with some glitter in it. Actually i have stopped wearing black eye liner for a while because i find it a bit harsh on me so i am now "collecting" brown liners! The other one is by sephora itself and is called flashy liner waterproof in 09 flashy pink. It is a gorgeous pink soft pencil which i use in the inside eye corner and my waterline! very flattering i may say!

lastly i would like to mention that i am really excited that sephora finally brought too faced products and i went determined to buy the too faced eye naked pallette which i will show you in case you don t already know it but i came across a sephora pallette which is brought out for christmas which i really liked! So i got confused and trying to avoid spending money on 2 eye palettes i did not get any! So i thought i would ask for your opinion and then decide!!!

So HELP!!!!!!!!!!

lastly i would like to show you an image that made me smile:)

:) :) :)