Sunday, December 4, 2011

november favourites!

hi girls!!! i am here to do my november favourites! this month i did not use many different products but have been following the same pattern all month!
So lets get started!

here in greece the sun is always very bright so i have to use sun protection everyday. So maybe now in winter spf 50 is much but i find this Roc product to be an ideal base for make up so i use it anyway!
i have also bought one more of sephore nail polish. It is called "diving in malaysia" and seams to be quite similar to the pretty famous chanel one "peridot".

Well i was trying to make some decent pictures but the light did not help me at all! So the products i am going to mention are mac's 'Harmony' blush, mac's 'malt' eyeshadow, and a lancome color focus shadow which honestly is quite old and the number and name are not anymore clear to read!
In the second picture above for the left i have one light and one heavy swatch of the Harmony blush, one swatch of the malt eyeshadow and a swatch for the lancome eyeshadow! As you can see i am all into browns this month! (ok i love browns all year round)

last but not least i would like to mention my favourite shoes this month. I have been in a desperate need of comfy shoes and i must admit i have never worn shoes better than these babies! to be honest the photo does not give the color credit. It is more burgundy than they appear. i think they seam purple. Anyway, i think that they match all my clothes and to tell you the truth i now try to match my clothes with my shoes! i absolutely LOVE them :)

Oh! and girls i'd like to ask your opinion in mac's paint pots. I am eyeing on them but every single creamy eyeshadow i have tried creases almost immediately! what are your thoughts? Have you tried them? What are your favourites this month????

cu soon :)