Thursday, December 8, 2011

hello 23!

hi girls!!!
So i am veeery excited to do this post! 2 days ago it was my birthday! and i got 2 things that i am really excited about and i would like to mention!

so the first one is a gift from my beloved boyfriend! It is something that i wanted for a really long time! and now i think i am in love with it!

they are unisex but he got me the pink one! I wore it and got so many compliments!!!

then there is something that my very best friend selehna from "" and her sister antigony got me :)
oh my god it is amazing!!! i can t talk enough about it! it is mac's festive fabulous face kit in warm!
Mac says " Gold and fleshtones mingle in soft, warm shades. Eyes, cheeks and lips await the shimmer. Three special edition glitter-handled brushes and our stunning snowglobe bag bring everything together."

It comes in a little transparent bag with a silver circle in the front. Gorgeous!

The 3 special edition brushes are the classic 275 medium angled shading brush for applying and blending eyeshadow, the 129 powder/blush brush an all-purpose for blush or face powder and lastly the 266 small angled brush for creating sharp, precise lines but in this edition they are short, travel sized brushes and the handles are transparent and silver-glittery!

The kit has an amazing frost lipstick called "mellowarm" and it is a medium peach, and an equally amazing lipglass called "join the party" a creamy pale peach!

Now in the pallette there is a beautiful blush called "seasonal appeal" and Mac describes it as adobe clay (matte). Lastly in that pallette there are eyeshadows. Omega (soft-muted beige taupe -matte), carbon (intense black -matte), Golden flurry (nude sparkle -lustre) and soft brown (soft golden peachy brown -matte).

here are some pictures

up : left mellowarm, right join the party
middle : from left to right soft brown, golden flurry, omega, carbon.
down : seasonal appeal 

how cute is the snow ball on the pallette?

the lip products look a little more orange than they really are!
If you can get your hands on it or on the winter/cool one then do it! They are amazing! you can use them to do your entire makeup and are great to trevel with!

have you tried any of these? do you like them??
cu you soon!

xxx kellykellitsa

Sunday, December 4, 2011

november favourites!

hi girls!!! i am here to do my november favourites! this month i did not use many different products but have been following the same pattern all month!
So lets get started!

here in greece the sun is always very bright so i have to use sun protection everyday. So maybe now in winter spf 50 is much but i find this Roc product to be an ideal base for make up so i use it anyway!
i have also bought one more of sephore nail polish. It is called "diving in malaysia" and seams to be quite similar to the pretty famous chanel one "peridot".

Well i was trying to make some decent pictures but the light did not help me at all! So the products i am going to mention are mac's 'Harmony' blush, mac's 'malt' eyeshadow, and a lancome color focus shadow which honestly is quite old and the number and name are not anymore clear to read!
In the second picture above for the left i have one light and one heavy swatch of the Harmony blush, one swatch of the malt eyeshadow and a swatch for the lancome eyeshadow! As you can see i am all into browns this month! (ok i love browns all year round)

last but not least i would like to mention my favourite shoes this month. I have been in a desperate need of comfy shoes and i must admit i have never worn shoes better than these babies! to be honest the photo does not give the color credit. It is more burgundy than they appear. i think they seam purple. Anyway, i think that they match all my clothes and to tell you the truth i now try to match my clothes with my shoes! i absolutely LOVE them :)

Oh! and girls i'd like to ask your opinion in mac's paint pots. I am eyeing on them but every single creamy eyeshadow i have tried creases almost immediately! what are your thoughts? Have you tried them? What are your favourites this month????

cu soon :)