Monday, September 26, 2011

elf on the way!

hey!!! i'm back from the uk!!! lots of thoughts and one to say out loud!!
i love uk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my post today is about that elf haul i have promised! the products are quite much so i am going to split the haul in two parts! so elf haul part 1 here we go (the first package that arrived) !!!

First of all let me introduce you my first elf blushes which by the way i absolutely love! don t know my favourite yet though!! in this post there are 2 studio blushes, 1 mineral blush and 2 natural radiance blushes!

 the natural radiance are in the shade bronze and coy and the mineral one is in the shade joy

the studio line are blushing rose and mellow mauve.

here are the swatches!
 from left to right: joy/ mellow mauve/ blushing rose

from up to down: bronze/ coy

My lip products:

 from left to right matte lip colour in tea rose, plumping lip glaze in oasis, luscious liquid lipstick in brownie points, cherry tart, rasberry.
and here are the swatches in the same order:

 Now to the brushes from up to down: studio stipple blush, complexion blush, blush brush, smudge eye

moving on, cream eyeliner in coffe and studio matte eyeshadow in baked berry:

all over colour stick in pink lemonade and shimmering facial whip in citrus:

i also bought complexion perfection but i couldn t take a decent picture of it. it is exactly as seen on their website and i love it so far!! i usually don t wear any foundation at all so i use only this and well...makes my complection perfect!!!it also has a huge mirror that i find myself using all the time! in this point i wantt to say that i think i look a bit dark on these pictures! don t know why. but to set things straight i will add as i have once before done that the only powder/foundation that i use is mac studio fix in C3 (

it was my first elf time and i must say i really love elf!!! my favourite products??? i don t know!! maybe the brushes and the blushes.. but then again i love the cream eyeliner too, which by the way came with its own brush as did the matte eyeshadow!! pretty amazing!!
the only two things i may not repurchase are the shimmering facial whip and the plumping lip glaze. i originally bought the facial whip to use as blush but actually i just feel oily!

while i was at leeds i bought two more brushes which i adore so i will show them to you!! one of them is a sponge and the other is hairy!

i will definately rebuy from elf, already have a wishlist waiting.
i hope you found my post useful in some way and cu all next time

xxx kellykellitsa

Sunday, September 4, 2011


hey loves!!

i have good news!!!
1. i have made a huge elf order and expecting them!!! i am very excited and impatient!! i believe they are going to arrive this week and i am going to do some swatches for you when i try them out!!they had 50% percent off so i went a little wild!

2. i am leaving for the uk this week also and i will be staying for 2 weeks!!! :)
i love the uk, i have already visited twice and i am completely in love! i will be staying in leeds because my brother starts uni there so do have any recommendations?