Friday, November 4, 2011

october favourites

hi guys!
i am back to do a post concerning my october favourites!
firstly I would like to mention a face cleancer. I absolutely love it! it is by synchroline and it only cost me about 9 euros! it absorb all the oil from my face and leaves it smooth and clean. By using this i stopped using my makeup remover and i am really in love with this.

secondly i would like to mention an eyeshadow that i have ben given as a present. It is by an italian brand called diego dalla palma. The shade is in number 11 but i can't find it in their web site. Maybe this was a limited edition. It is a golden beige colour which is very natural and I were it every day this month!

then i have non stop wearing my new ankle boots. they are black leather and i bought them from massimo dutti. They cost me 120 euros but i really think they are worth it. I can wear them all day long and never feel tired.