Tuesday, October 25, 2011

giveaway info!

this giveaway is very appealing to my eyes! i have always wanted to try sigma brushes so mayb ethis is my chance and yours as well!


cu soon :*

Sunday, October 23, 2011

20 personal questions!

hey guys! i have been watching some videos and reading blogs and saw many personal questions video/posts.
so i thought it would be fun if i did one!

1. do you have a middle name?
no, here in greece it is pretty rare for someone to have a middle name.

2. what was your favourite subject at school?
it was chemistry I guess.

3. what's your favourite drink?
not easy for me to name one but i think i will go with sparkling water.

4. what's your favourite song at the moment?
dreaming of you by the corals or someone like you by adele.

5. what would you name your child?
don't really know

6. do you participate in sports?
no, not recently. i used to but since college i stopped and now i really miss it.

7. last book you read and really liked?
the remains of the day by kazuo ishigouro

8. favourite colour?
i think i will go with all shades of purple.

9. favourite animal?
dogs but i love cats as well.

10. favourite perfume?
chloe by chloe.

11.guilty pleasure?
haribo jelly sweets

12. What's one food you cannot live without?pasta

13. have you ever been out of the country?
yes, i have been to italy, and in england 3 times.

14.do you speak any languages?
i speak greek, english and french.

15. do you have any siblings?
yes, 2 brothers of 17 years and 20 years old.

16. favourite tv series?
big bang theory

17. Name one thing you want to do before you die?
visit the whole wold and have a family? (not exactly one thing)

18. what is your college degree?
i am a chemist doing my masters degree at the moment.

19. when is you birthday?
06 of december.

20. what are you latest make up addiction?
difficult question! malt eyeshadow by mac and mocha cup eyeshadow by estee lauder, coy blush by elf. (oh i want to write so many more:) )

that's all! well i now want to tag my dear friend selehna to do the same thing:)
cu all next time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 things i CANNOT live without

hi girls!!! i am back today to tell you about my life-saviour things that i own. The ones that i would definately repurchase if gone missing or if i run out!

1. my hydrating everyday cream. Ok, at this point i should mention that for many years i avoided any kind of moisturizing cream because my skin would reject all of them! litterally! irritation on the skin or even refusing to absorb it at all!! i have tried many products, all kind of brands. i was frustrated. And then a kind lady on the drugstore gave me a sample of my DREAM moisturizer! And i do not intend to change it ever again! it is the avene hydrance optimale legere! it is so light and moisturizing at the same time! just love it! (28$/20 euro for 40 ml)

2. i will start to say that i have also tried many clarifying lotions before! I always thought i didn t need one, because after all i saw no deference by using them. My mother suggested that i try the clinique one. I changed my mind ever since!! it is amazing! there are 4 different ones. starting from 1 for very dry skin going to 4 for very oily skin! i use 3. (12.5$/ 20 euro for 200 ml, it is a lot cheaper in the us)

3. I have a lot of bags! Many many of them! But one of them is an absolute favourite. Every time i wear a different bag i think of it! i know it is crazy! I find it goes perfectly with most of my clothes. I have it for 3 years now and i wear it non-stop! I love it! it is from longchamp's line le pliage, in size medium, in colour graphite. ( 118$/ 75 euro)

To be clear there are many other things that i could not live without, such as my make up, my glasses, my phone, but these are things that i could rebuy in another brand another colour maybe. Those mentioned above are the ones that no alterations are acceptable because i just can t take the risk :)

what are your all time lovers? i'd love to hear all about them!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sephora haul!!!!

hey girls! i am back today showing you my new stuff which i am really excited about!!!
So i went to sephora today, and here in greece, they had sales!!
You know from a previous post that i am a huge fan of their nail polishes! So i bought a collection, three green ones to be exact.

from left to right military jacket (L42), jungle playground (83), city amazon (L44)!

Then i bought an angled blush brush

i love that it has this little cap so that it can be reformed after being washed:)

and to be honest i am eyeing this one as well  
I am in search of  foundation, so this brush will get along with my new to be foundation!

last but not least i bought a lipgloss. I normally prefer doe foot applicator but i loved the colour so i bought it anyway.
 it is called purple passion and the colour is pretty sheer but the texture is amazing if you dislike sticky glosses give it a try!!!

Did you like any of these products? Have you tried any of them? I am also begging for suggestions to help my foundation search! (mixed to oily skin, light coverage:)  )

cu xxxxxxx

Saturday, October 1, 2011

lip lip lip!!

hey girls!!! today i am going to do a top 5 favourite lipsticks of all times!

so lets get started!

this is a classic mac amplified lipstick called half n half. it is a perfect nude colour that i absolutely adore!

another mac lipstick from the pro longwear series, called unlimited and is a muted rose colour. it is really longlasting and it does not transfer.i highly recommend this!

this is adriana karembeu in the number 016. a friend brought it as a gift and i have been loving ths ever since! It is a deep plum colour, and the texture is so creamy and easy to apply on!

next is nyx soft matte lip cream 01 amsterdam! a true tomatoe red colour that is very longlasting, goes on as cream and dries out in about a minute.

last but not least is a lancome top coat. It is amazing it is completely translucent and has absolutely no colour in it. in the packaging it seems as if it has some glitter in it but it does not show on the lip. I wear it everyday alone or on top of some matte lipsticks. it is the most amazing lip product ever. that was a gift as well so i can t tell you much about where to find it but if you do, BUY it.on top of all that it has the most amazing texture.

so from left to right : unlimited, amsterdam, half n half, karembeu 016, lancome top coat.

so girls what are your favourite lip products??? have you tried any of the mentioned ones? i'd love to here about it!! cu all next time

xxx kellykellitsa