Friday, February 24, 2012

february favourites!

ok ok! i know february is not over yet but i already kno my favourites and this is not going to change in a few days! i am dying to share with you guys!

lets get rolling shall we?

Firstly i would like to mention that last months favourites are still in my everyday routine but there are some more this month!
Lets talk about brushes!
Last month i ordered the one and only sigma flat top kabuki (F80). Oh my god! Foundation applies so smoothly with this! I have been using it with the mac select foundation in NW20 which is pretty good actually. Not that i won't try any other foundation though!

what about eyeshadows? well this month i have been loving mac's dazzlelight as a highlight colour, mac's patina used both in the crease and as an all over the lid colour, benefit's creasless cream eyeshadow in rsvp and mac's indianwood paint pot! i have actually skipped liner this moth!

for blush i have been loving my mac mineralize skinfinish in blonde from the naturally collection.

Last but not least a present from my lovely boyfriend who knows me so well

 So in love with them!!!

So girls as you can see i am a mac lover (i admit that) but these are my favourites for the month of february
What are yours? Have you tried any of these???
(all images are taken from google image)

xxx kellykellitsa


  1. Έχω παρόμοια σκουλαρίκια σε λευκό, μαύρο και ροδακινί!! Τα έχω λατρέψει :)
    Ωραίο ποστ κοπέλα μου

  2. thanx claire mou!
    ta skoularikia einai katapliktika kai einai terastia se sxesi me ola osa kukloforoun!!! poy exeis parei ta dika sou?
    tha m endieferan k alla xrwmata!

  3. to mac blush einai apla uperoxo!
    teleio post :)

  4. Σ'έχω κάνει tag σ'ένα όμορφο παιχνιδάκι!! Πέρνα μια βόλτα από το blog μου

    Πολλά φιλιά :)

  5. bubblemyLicorice: g tn akriveia oli i naturally seira einai teleia! ithela na ta agorasw ola!

    Claire mou t eida kai s efxaristw! tha einai to epomeno post mou:)

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    nice post, very complete,
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    why don't we follow eachother;))
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  7. hi :)
    i am your follower as well :)
    thanx for the support!