Saturday, October 1, 2011

lip lip lip!!

hey girls!!! today i am going to do a top 5 favourite lipsticks of all times!

so lets get started!

this is a classic mac amplified lipstick called half n half. it is a perfect nude colour that i absolutely adore!

another mac lipstick from the pro longwear series, called unlimited and is a muted rose colour. it is really longlasting and it does not transfer.i highly recommend this!

this is adriana karembeu in the number 016. a friend brought it as a gift and i have been loving ths ever since! It is a deep plum colour, and the texture is so creamy and easy to apply on!

next is nyx soft matte lip cream 01 amsterdam! a true tomatoe red colour that is very longlasting, goes on as cream and dries out in about a minute.

last but not least is a lancome top coat. It is amazing it is completely translucent and has absolutely no colour in it. in the packaging it seems as if it has some glitter in it but it does not show on the lip. I wear it everyday alone or on top of some matte lipsticks. it is the most amazing lip product ever. that was a gift as well so i can t tell you much about where to find it but if you do, BUY it.on top of all that it has the most amazing texture.

so from left to right : unlimited, amsterdam, half n half, karembeu 016, lancome top coat.

so girls what are your favourite lip products??? have you tried any of the mentioned ones? i'd love to here about it!! cu all next time

xxx kellykellitsa


  1. mou arese polu to xrwma toy tritou kragion!! Egw xrisimopoiw lip gloss perissotero apo tin Avon! Skeftomai omws na parw ena kragion kai apo ta MAC.. Tha deiksei!!

  2. i mac exei polu kali poiotita apla exw exw apogoiteftei ligo ap t stock tis. kathe fora pou thelw na agorasw kati apla exei teleiwsei!!!
    st arxes epairna k egw lipgloss otan omws agorasa to half n half erwteftika ola ta kragion mazi m afto:)

  3. dolly thanks for stopping by! it is really one of my favourites EVER!

  4. ti na pw fantastiko post!!!!
    agapimeno mou to chanel magnoli!!!
    souper enudatiko kai teleio rozouli xrwma!!!