Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 things i CANNOT live without

hi girls!!! i am back today to tell you about my life-saviour things that i own. The ones that i would definately repurchase if gone missing or if i run out!

1. my hydrating everyday cream. Ok, at this point i should mention that for many years i avoided any kind of moisturizing cream because my skin would reject all of them! litterally! irritation on the skin or even refusing to absorb it at all!! i have tried many products, all kind of brands. i was frustrated. And then a kind lady on the drugstore gave me a sample of my DREAM moisturizer! And i do not intend to change it ever again! it is the avene hydrance optimale legere! it is so light and moisturizing at the same time! just love it! (28$/20 euro for 40 ml)

2. i will start to say that i have also tried many clarifying lotions before! I always thought i didn t need one, because after all i saw no deference by using them. My mother suggested that i try the clinique one. I changed my mind ever since!! it is amazing! there are 4 different ones. starting from 1 for very dry skin going to 4 for very oily skin! i use 3. (12.5$/ 20 euro for 200 ml, it is a lot cheaper in the us)

3. I have a lot of bags! Many many of them! But one of them is an absolute favourite. Every time i wear a different bag i think of it! i know it is crazy! I find it goes perfectly with most of my clothes. I have it for 3 years now and i wear it non-stop! I love it! it is from longchamp's line le pliage, in size medium, in colour graphite. ( 118$/ 75 euro)

To be clear there are many other things that i could not live without, such as my make up, my glasses, my phone, but these are things that i could rebuy in another brand another colour maybe. Those mentioned above are the ones that no alterations are acceptable because i just can t take the risk :)

what are your all time lovers? i'd love to hear all about them!


  1. Την συγκεκριμένη ενυδατική την έχω δοκιμάσει και είναι όντως υπέροχη.. Όσο για την τσάντα longchamp είναι τόσο πρακτική και βολική που και εγώ την προτιμάω για τις περισσότερες βόλτες μου!! :)

  2. thelw na parw kathe megethos ap ts longchamp!
    tis latrevw!
    exeis kamia protasi g enydatiki polu elafria?
    nomizw pws thelw na dokimasw kati allo gt to derma m trelathike teleftaia!