Sunday, September 4, 2011


hey loves!!

i have good news!!!
1. i have made a huge elf order and expecting them!!! i am very excited and impatient!! i believe they are going to arrive this week and i am going to do some swatches for you when i try them out!!they had 50% percent off so i went a little wild!

2. i am leaving for the uk this week also and i will be staying for 2 weeks!!! :)
i love the uk, i have already visited twice and i am completely in love! i will be staying in leeds because my brother starts uni there so do have any recommendations?



  1. perimenw photos apo auta pou agorases!!!

  2. pira kai egw kapoia pragmatakia apo elf kai 8a ta steiloun apo 7/9 logw fortou ergasias!!!ante na er8oun!!!

  3. KellyKellitsa εύχομαι να περάσεις υπέροχα στις U.K. εάν ψάξεις στο google όπως top 10 attractions θα σου βγάλει αρκετές επιλογές!

    κορίτσια όταν λέτε elf είναι κάποια σελίδα που μπορούμε να παραγγείλουμε online? όπως το get it now?

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  4. hi hun :) I thought I'd answer your question here.. I used to use the brush that the cream liner comes with.. I mostly use this on my waterline or lower lashline so I use my studio small precision brush.I don't like brown eyeliner on my upper lashline..but when I wear my cream eyeliner from ELF on the upper lashline [almist everyday] I use the studio angled brush from ELF :) xxxx I'm following bow btw hun x

  5. dyna thank you so much!!! i can t hundle the small elf brush that comes with i will try the angled one!!!
    thanx for stopping by!