Thursday, August 11, 2011

lets be colourful..shall we?

hello again..
So, i went to sephora the other day, and they had some amazing sales..So I bought some amazing nail polishes.
The shades are "picnic in the park" described as bright jade green, "welcome to my loft" a gray taupe, "money maker" a wet cement gray, "anyway anywhere" a molten glittery pewter. And the colours are exactly as described in here :

I think they are great because they have the perfect brush so it does not get all over the place at all and they are highly pigmented, you only have to go with a layer. No need for a second one. They last, there is no chipping and the colour selection is huge. Don t know why i haven t tried them all that time. I am sure i will be getting more. The only con is that they are quite small but since they are the only nail polishes I have tried and don t need a second layer, i guess it is ok! I LOVE them.

Have you tried them? Any favourite shades? xxx

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